Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emily, An Introduction...

Finally i have had a moment. I will write like a talk, so i am sorry if it confuses you, but maybe as you read you will get used to it.

I know i have been rather m.i.a. in the blog and the reason i am even writing now is because i am alone and i get to pick the music that makes me happy, not the music i am told to listen to.

I am listening to a mixture if my favourite songs from my favourite bands. I will mention them if i feel  they are relevant at the moment. I will describe it as lonely music for the lovers soul. Its generally classic rock, i like the country feel, the meaningful lyrics etc.

I am an artist, and have been doodling for my entire life. I try to see life through open unbiased artistic eyes, but no ones perfect. I specialize in Photography. I also really like collage. I love surrealism and Dadaism, i hope to one day fully understand and apply that way of life to mine. i still have a ways to go!! I would like to be published in national geographic. I want to be an artist. In a future post i may write about an art show i will be hosting. I sell my art and i will post what i currently have for Sale.

I love to travel. I hope to go to Europe extensively this summer. we shall see if this is plausible, since i have no money... we will see. I would like to go to Poland, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden or the czech republic.

Yay me i got my G2. it took a while. I have a black jetta, I BE ROLLIN'.

School sucks. I love it and HATE it, i hate waking up. York SUCKS... even though i love my program. I am in Art History. I will finish my degree but i would also like to attend George Brown for Digital Photography to get closer to my photography goals. (travel photography sounds wonderful doesn't it). I am super busy trying to juggle my life and school for some reason is never my priority. i am slowly trying to change that. I am doing alright so far.

I collect jewelry. I love cats and other small animals. I love nature. I grew up on a beach. I love the water. I love to read. I love vintage stuff. I love walks. I love food.

The Spoiled Harper Tangerine Autumn

Last Day of The Summer-- Super Sessions with Judy

Harper, What a Prince.



The Summer

Last Summer Night --- Super Session

Kidd and Me Sharing a Moment

Sometimes I am Utterly Lonely...

Even when i am Totally happy.

My Side



My Violet Ride, 25$ from the thrift store!

Armin, my convertible


people call me strange

the grad buildings, my view

november family trip to collingwood

strangest of the bunch

mama und papa

fresh hair fresh change

reading, thinking

waiting for my lover

my backyard my childhood

Slut Lamp

Snowy view

Strange Little Girl by the Stranglers is my song of the Day

more later when i have more time... xx em

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Winter Blows

This is why i hate winter:
-you have to wear clothing
-you can get frostbite (i did)
-you have to shovel snow to move your car
-your boogers freeze
-your tears freeze to your face if you cry outside
-you can't enjoy smoking weed in the outdoors for more than 5 seconds
-you can't walk anywhere far without freezing
-you can't play at the park because its all frozen metal
-you can't text with gloves on
-you have to climb over mountains of snow to get places
-you get snow in your boots and it melts around your feet then freezes again
-you can't get frisky outside without (literally) freezing your balls off
-you put on weight because you never do shit and feel like hibernating
-you can't go swimming outside
-you get sick easier
-you get overly depressed from the lack of sunlight (vitamin C deficiency..true story)
-you hate life more

Come back summer </3
-Lara Lee

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Phantom of the Brampton

Hello my lovely people! Lara here!
   This weekend has been a slow and un-eventful weekend, which is why i chose to write about it. My mom asked me nicely to stay in Brampton, so i did. Brampton is probably one of the least interesting weekend cities in the GTA. You either get drunk in your home, in a park, on the bus, or at the movies. And of course, there are no dealers close to my whereabouts whilst i am in this shit hole of a city.
    What did i do all night you may be wondering? Well, Zack picked me up from work at 6:30, we got a coffee, he dropped me off at home and then he went to work. So, i was greeted by my youngest sister Kate and her friend Maddy when i walked into my house. i noticed instantly that Kate had a piercing on her lip. Maddy left, and i asked Kate if her piercing was real or fake. Of course it was real, and Maddy was the one that pierced it for her. What a lovely surprise that will be when my mom notices it. And on top of the new piercing, Abby (my other sister) just got two bearded dragons (which we named Icarus and Vagga) mom and dad are afraid of reptiles....another lovely surprise for them to find.
   Anyways, Kate and i played the "what do you wanna do?" "i dunno, what do you wanna do?" game for a while until we finally settled on watching the Phantom of the Opera (2004) because Gerrard Buttler is in it, and we both agree that hes a sexy, sexy man. It was a decent movie, and sparked such ludicrous comments such as "my upper lip is sagging" and "it's just a small scar...oh wait, that entire part of his face is horribly bad."
    I also noticed that my dad still hadn't opened the bottle of vodka that he won in one of his curling tournaments, and since my parents were out, i seized the opportunity to crack it open. i made myself a few vodka and cokes, and took a bath once the movie was over. i got a phone call while in the bathtub, and was greeted by the sound of a friend whom i havent spoken to in a while. And of course, he was looking for weed. Everyone seems to call me when they are on a hunt for the great ganja. Apparently that's what i'm good for.
   Anyways my lovelies, i have work in the morning, so keep mossing in the free world!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Moarning !

This is what happens when the girls of 299 enjoy too much caffeine and too many bowls in the morning.

Dee Wilson here, currently in a nicely formed triangle accompanied by my friends and yours, Emily and Lara. Currently enjoying the trickster, brownies made by Emily and listening to some gay party mix.

 Just bust a move! *Dee Lara and Emily get jiggy with it* Dee thinks about pushing Lara over before she picks up the bong to take a toke, but decides not to because Lara is really awesome! DOUBTS. BANG BANG! Dee should sleep more than four hours before smoking for four hours. Word up. WHOOMP!


 BEAUTIFUL reflection with shadow, strange, wierd. cough cough. FILTHY.
no cameras. never at all. paranoia, anything we want to say, what is the point of that?
rabbit runs round and round happy.
sign of struggle, birds falling from the sky.
on a whole 'nother level right now.
fish, wish, swish
textures of autumn marriage

twinkle sunset airplanes A Poem By Emily Enns

 Sometimes, 299 Happens.