Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emily, An Introduction...

Finally i have had a moment. I will write like a talk, so i am sorry if it confuses you, but maybe as you read you will get used to it.

I know i have been rather m.i.a. in the blog and the reason i am even writing now is because i am alone and i get to pick the music that makes me happy, not the music i am told to listen to.

I am listening to a mixture if my favourite songs from my favourite bands. I will mention them if i feel  they are relevant at the moment. I will describe it as lonely music for the lovers soul. Its generally classic rock, i like the country feel, the meaningful lyrics etc.

I am an artist, and have been doodling for my entire life. I try to see life through open unbiased artistic eyes, but no ones perfect. I specialize in Photography. I also really like collage. I love surrealism and Dadaism, i hope to one day fully understand and apply that way of life to mine. i still have a ways to go!! I would like to be published in national geographic. I want to be an artist. In a future post i may write about an art show i will be hosting. I sell my art and i will post what i currently have for Sale.

I love to travel. I hope to go to Europe extensively this summer. we shall see if this is plausible, since i have no money... we will see. I would like to go to Poland, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden or the czech republic.

Yay me i got my G2. it took a while. I have a black jetta, I BE ROLLIN'.

School sucks. I love it and HATE it, i hate waking up. York SUCKS... even though i love my program. I am in Art History. I will finish my degree but i would also like to attend George Brown for Digital Photography to get closer to my photography goals. (travel photography sounds wonderful doesn't it). I am super busy trying to juggle my life and school for some reason is never my priority. i am slowly trying to change that. I am doing alright so far.

I collect jewelry. I love cats and other small animals. I love nature. I grew up on a beach. I love the water. I love to read. I love vintage stuff. I love walks. I love food.

The Spoiled Harper Tangerine Autumn

Last Day of The Summer-- Super Sessions with Judy

Harper, What a Prince.



The Summer

Last Summer Night --- Super Session

Kidd and Me Sharing a Moment

Sometimes I am Utterly Lonely...

Even when i am Totally happy.

My Side



My Violet Ride, 25$ from the thrift store!

Armin, my convertible


people call me strange

the grad buildings, my view

november family trip to collingwood

strangest of the bunch

mama und papa

fresh hair fresh change

reading, thinking

waiting for my lover

my backyard my childhood

Slut Lamp

Snowy view

Strange Little Girl by the Stranglers is my song of the Day

more later when i have more time... xx em

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