Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Moarning !

This is what happens when the girls of 299 enjoy too much caffeine and too many bowls in the morning.

Dee Wilson here, currently in a nicely formed triangle accompanied by my friends and yours, Emily and Lara. Currently enjoying the trickster, brownies made by Emily and listening to some gay party mix.

 Just bust a move! *Dee Lara and Emily get jiggy with it* Dee thinks about pushing Lara over before she picks up the bong to take a toke, but decides not to because Lara is really awesome! DOUBTS. BANG BANG! Dee should sleep more than four hours before smoking for four hours. Word up. WHOOMP!


 BEAUTIFUL reflection with shadow, strange, wierd. cough cough. FILTHY.
no cameras. never at all. paranoia, anything we want to say, what is the point of that?
rabbit runs round and round happy.
sign of struggle, birds falling from the sky.
on a whole 'nother level right now.
fish, wish, swish
textures of autumn marriage

twinkle sunset airplanes A Poem By Emily Enns

 Sometimes, 299 Happens.

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