Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why Winter Blows

This is why i hate winter:
-you have to wear clothing
-you can get frostbite (i did)
-you have to shovel snow to move your car
-your boogers freeze
-your tears freeze to your face if you cry outside
-you can't enjoy smoking weed in the outdoors for more than 5 seconds
-you can't walk anywhere far without freezing
-you can't play at the park because its all frozen metal
-you can't text with gloves on
-you have to climb over mountains of snow to get places
-you get snow in your boots and it melts around your feet then freezes again
-you can't get frisky outside without (literally) freezing your balls off
-you put on weight because you never do shit and feel like hibernating
-you can't go swimming outside
-you get sick easier
-you get overly depressed from the lack of sunlight (vitamin C deficiency..true story)
-you hate life more

Come back summer </3
-Lara Lee

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