Friday, December 10, 2010

Dee's Grand Perspective

Dear all of you delicious friends and strangers, Dee Wilson here of the top floor elite. Coming to you proud and loud from 299. You may be asking yourself, why did a lovely girl like Dee Wilson end up in a shit show such as this magical blog? I will answer this for you, I moved to Toronto. After a year of visiting this house at 299 to visit* correction, party hard with*  a high school chum, I got to know 299 in all of its glory. The sounds at two am of Michelle drunkenly cooking some sort of vegetarian creation, Lara walking around always topless with a cup of overly flavored tea in her hand asking me for a cigarette, Emily needing to paint everything teal and call everything sexy and the fact that our house although large and pretty had the structural integrity of a model home. Seriously I feel like I am living in the model home from Arrested Development.  Anyways, really i moved out immediately after completing my last year of high school which may have taken me about two extra years due to my delay. When I finally graduated school depending on my advanced life experience, my diploma was guided to my hands thanks to one man who understood, Mr.Cockburn. At first a joke and eventually my hero for really believing in me beyond my own senses. As i finally began to see some luck in life, a bit more sprang up. Emily Enns extended her connections to me leading me to York and into a few solid friendships i would keep for a long long while. Some of these bitches i be spending most of my time with. Lara Lee Crawford most of all, i feel like i finally have a true com padre i can relate with on a lady level. Before I had a lot of relate able male loves such as S.A.L Corey & Nick but it is lovely to have a lady friend with similar opinions an enjoyments honestly this is beautifully new to me. So really I was brought here to 299 and dropped off to realize the world in my own way, to appreciate and dislike it for all of its wondrous dangers. Which brings me to today, a 20 yr old girl being supported by welfare, living an insignificant existence here in Toronto with everyone else who ever wanted to make it. Luckily enough I have my co writers, Emily Enns, the one who gave me a chance, and Lara Lee, the girl who took me for exactly what I am. Take us for what we are but don't you dare sell us short.

Sign Drunkenly, Diana Marie Wilson of 299, Top Floor Elite. Solid Love <3

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