Friday, December 24, 2010

Is it Christmas?

Good Morning and Merry Christmas my fine mawfuckas. Did you miss me? Dee Wilson here at 4:25 am on Christmas eve morning. Lawl... that just sounds completely wrong doesn't it?

Whats on my mind? I miss my cat Harper, he is the sweetest friend I have in this world and i feel guilty for leaving him this long. I miss my brethren Lara, Zack and I totally missed Michelle's birthday. I think I may be falling for a girl I've known for a few solid years.  It can be so difficult to deal with these kind of feelings, especially when you have grown to know someone so well as a friend.

Something I was once told in a conversation about relationships,love,sex and dating seemed to really stick with me in an odd way. I was told that I was too specific in what i was looking for pertaining to these things. (probably why I never get any action, jokes) I can't seem to figure out why love is so hard to find? I see many people in love so i know that it exists but.. are these people just settling on the chance of being comfortable or are they really truly devoted to their love.

They met on the beautiful jersey shore,  in the summer of 1962-65 (I'm not 100% on the year but was hoping to give you an idea) They were both early twenties enjoying a day out with a friend or roommate in his case. When he first noticed her he immediately realized her beauty and found his moment when his favourite song came on the radio. Naturally he turned up the radio, grooving to his tune of choice, the girl from ipanema, the attractive young female turned and asked if it was possible to turn the radio up, he apologized and told her that he had already turned it as loud as it would go but if she wanted too, her and her friend could bring their towels closer to the radio and share their company, and a romance blossomed. They continued to see each other although the young girl lived about an hour away. Determined, their love grew and soon they found themselves making love and appreciating each other, wanting to always be together. She moved closer and found a good job near his apartment and they were married.  As cute as I found this romantic tale of a husband and wife meeting, I found it unfortunate to know how the story ended, the love was eventually gone and after a long road of unfair unfortunate separation they said there final goodbyes as she boarded the plane home. I was told, that although they both knew it was over in that last weekend they shared, they made passionate love and reacted to each other just how you would see true lovers. As she boarded the plane they could barley be parted, tears and cries rang from the young teacher who was forced to choose her job over her first real love. As the finally lost hold of each other, she boarded her plan back to new jersey and they never saw each other again.

It's things such as these I wonder to myself when i can't sleep. He settled because he thought she was what he wanted. She was the best he ever the time. Did she ever find true love? Or was he her only real chance?

 At this point I should probably go to bed but visions of sugar plums probably won't be dancing through my head.

I think I am excited for Christmas,  I didn't get all of the things i wanted to give to other people which is really shitty. I am excited to see my sister though, and to sing with her like we seem to do most of the time that we're together lately. I am also excited to see my mom open her gift. I bought her some nice earring that i know would be perfect for her. Gold with a small clear stone, the kind of earrings that dangle so they don't bother her ears. I know that she will appreciate such a gift because she only usually gets really practical girts or really really impractical ones. Being with family has been pretty good now due to the fact that my siblings and i finally get along. God love them!

Sining off for the fact i need sleep, randomly yours at 5:14 friends,

Dee Bon QuiQui Wilson.

p.s I decided to write a book roughly based on my life called Diana Marie Wilson vs Dee Bon QuiQui, A lesson in finding yourself.

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