Friday, December 17, 2010

Having Zombies over for Tea

Hello world!
The Blonde One here again! Let's have a quick re-cap of this weeks events.
-went to 299
-made lots of tea to get over cold
-self medicated with a low dose of Ganja (also to get over cold)
-can't remember what else we did

-woke up and looked outside
-saw snow; went back to bed
-woke up for a second time; still snowing outside.
-self medicated...myself. and Dee, im her doctor too.
-made tea and popcorn
-watched Rudolph
-ran out of tea (worst part of the day)
 -ran out of weed (even worse than the worst part of the day)
 -invited over CJ, who had weed
-CJ became our new doctor, and medicated us all with a high dosage of herb
-watched Shawn of the Dead
-went to Salman's; slept.

-woke up to wake up Salman so that he could go study
-woke up again after we both fell asleep
(repeat this action for multiple hours)
-actually woke up
-went to 299
-found someone with more 'medicine'
-bought actual medicine and tea
-made tea
-Zack showed up and threw a bottle of Dr.Pepper onto our balcony to try and get our attention. The doors were locked, we didn't hear him, and he didn't have his cellphone.
- figured out that Zack showed up and left when we didn't hear him...sorry Zack
-watched Dawn of the Dead

Thursday: -woke up
               -self medicated
               -Zack showed up
               -Jamaican Hotboxed the bathroom
               -went back to Brampton for work

Today: So far today is the most productive day; I had a doctor's appointment at 1:30pm, I waited to get in for about 10 minutes. Dr.Dhillon took about 20 seconds to check me out and tell me that I just have a cold and not to worry, it will go away. Thanx Doc! so very thorough of you....
    Watched several episodes of various sci-fi shows that i watch (don't hate), and drank plenty-o-tea! I have work soon, and am trying to come up with things that I can announce on the PA system at work that are funny but that won't get me fired.
      What I learned this week: Best friends will always be your best friends, even if they become zombies. Also, when the three people in this blog are sick at the same time in the same room, it doesn't matter how much weed we have, things are thrown (usually in my general direction), names are called, and noise levels rise even more. And I learned that in very early drafts for Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, our beloved Indie carried brass knuckles instead of his famed bullwhip.

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