Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting to know the real slim shady.

  Welcome to our blog! The creators of this blog include myself (Lara Lee), Emily, and Dee Bon Qui Qui. We live in the top floor of a shitty house in the York Village, well, technically I don't live here...but I stay here 5 days a week, and work in Brampton the other two. We decided to start a blog to commemorate and share the ridiculous shit that we do in each others presence.
   I met Emily in my first year at York because we lived on the same floor of Founders residence, which is the best residence ever for the record. It was hard not to meet this blonde bombshell; Emily does not believe in an indoor voice and does not give a shit what you think about her.
   I met Dee in the second year at York when Emily invited her to one of our house parties here at 299 (when i was actually paying rent to live here). When I first met Dee, I knew instantly that we would be friends. She was so easy going, she would talk to anyone and she was always cracking jokes. Dee moved in to 299 during the summer, and I came from Brampton practically everyday to keep her bored ass entertained. Emily moved back to 299 at the beginning of this semester along with Michelle (to be introduced to blog), and the shenanigans began.
  What do Emily and Dee think of me? Well, they have essentially labeled me as the skank in the group, so don't be too concerned if you see them use words such as "whore", "slut" and "hooker" in reference to me. I will inform you now that I am not actually any of those things, no matter what they may tell you.
   Even though we haven't been together for a very long period of time yet, we already have hundreds of entertaining stories, most of which contain drugs, nudity, and coarse language; reader discretion is advised.


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