Sunday, December 12, 2010

Golden Brown

  Ahoy!  The Blonde One here! (Lara...not Emily, cuz she recently dyed her hair red).
  You may be wondering what I am doing up at 1:20pm, yes, it is early for me to be awake (i like my sleep people...dont hate!), but i have work at 2:30. BLECK! Working in retail during the christmas season is like living through an A-Bomb; there is unparalleled mess and people frantically running around tripping over bodies.
   On top of the fact that i have work, last night i seem to have been invaded by the flu bug....that sneaky bastard. So, i feel like shit, i dont have a ride to work, and i get to deal with chickens that have their head's cut off. Fabulous. Need a song to perk up your shitty mood? i suggest Golden Brown by The Stranglers, it's what i listen to in times of stress.
    We'll moss later, but now, im off to work!

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  1. Just to let you all know, i rode my bike to work in the freezing rain, locked up my bike, worked, came out to the sky shitting down snow to find that my bike was frozen. Needless to say, i had an unpleasant bike ride home.